Should You Consider Seasonal Work?

If you’ve never considered seasonal work as a stop-gap measure between full-time opportunities, now might be the perfect time. Seasonal work allows you to focus on your job search while providing a much-needed source of income and experience. The retail industry is a safe bet for seasonal work this time of year as sellers typically boost their workforces significantly in preparation for the holidays.

There are also plenty of professional, well-paying options beyond the sales floor this time of year if you do a little digging. Behind the frontlines, a whole host of marketing professionals, social media specialists, recruiters, customer service personnel, IT support and others will need some extra help in order to keep operations running smoothly this holiday season. Try adding keywords like “seasonal” and “temporary” to your current search queries to see what comes up. You can also check out LinkedIn groups to uncover some of the “hidden” jobs out there.

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