Rural Arts Education and the Digital Divide: Bridging the Gap

Broadband Internet access might not seem like an issue for the 70% of Americans who have it. But for those who don’t, the digital divide is real – and it’s a real problem.

It’s a problem that disproportionately affects people living in rural areas. According to a 2013 White House report, only 58% of rural residents in the U.S. have broadband Internet access at home. That’s compared to 72% of urban residents. In total, over 100 million U.S. homes lack broadband access.
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The Future of ‘Second Screening’

“Second screen” is a buzz word that’s been thrown around the TV and tech industries. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a second screen, like a smartphone or tablet, that viewers use while watching TV.

You’ve probably used a second screen without even thinking about it – for example, if you’ve ever Googled an actor’s name during a movie, or tweeted about a show while you watched.
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Social Media for E-Commerce: New Tools to Spark Brand Growth

Though consumers still make the trek to brick-and-mortar stores to make purchases, more and more people are shopping online– either as their primary means to buy or as an informational resource prior to visiting a physical store. By 2014, more than a third of Americans are going to own a tablet device, and it’s clear that e-commerce, particularly of the mobile variety, won’t be slowing down any time soon.

A whopping 71% of shoppers believe they get a better deal online than in stores. Even more, 46% of online users rely on social media when deciding what to buy.  Nowadays social media platforms are utilized by brands not only for advertising but to solve what their traditional counterparts would see as ‘customer-facing’ challenges, including direct communication and damage control. That means it’s even more important for these brands to solidify a strong online presence – just ask Lululemon, Warby Parker and Chobani. We’ll get to them in a bit.
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